People of the Mountain, Cranbrook Entrance Sculpture


ARTISTS: Paul Reimer & Michael Hepher

YEAR: 2013

PRODUCED BY: Reimer & Co Blacksmiths

MEDIA: Stone with forged and fabricated iron

DIMENSIONS: 32′ x 15′ x 12′, 124 tons.

LOCATION: HWY 3, Cranbrook, BC, Canada.

The Vision for this sign sculpture came from my desire to highlight two of the things that make The City of Cranbrook such a unique and special place.
The first and most obvious is the landscape that surrounds us.  I have traveled through many mountain towns; from Alaska to Colorado and even The French Alps, but I have yet to visit a place where the mountains are as distinctive and striking as the Steeples and Fisher Peak.
The second, less obvious is the beauty and strength of the people of our city.  Over the years many people who have moved to Cranbrook have commented on the change in their opinion of Cranbrook from the one they maintained when they just drove through town, to the feelings they developed upon living here.  Comments such as, “I can’t believe how many friends I’ve made here”, or, “I’ve gotten to know so many people”, to, “the people here are so great”.
This led me to create a sign sculpture that, upon first glance, was a comment on our natural surroundings, but hidden within the artwork are people shapes.
It is my desire that this Welcome Sign would say that we may be known for our mountains, but take a second look and get to know us, because it is our people that really make us special.














My journey to becoming an artist is the subject of two recently released short films:

Reimer Reason” was selected as a finalist in the Dirtbag Film Festival in Kimberley, BC (April 2019).  This was put together by two very talented local film makers – Levi Froese and Jeremy Friesen – better known as Leroy and The Bean.

Forging Ahead” tells the story of how, at the age of 15, I began my career as a blacksmith.  It was shot by Cranbrook’s local cable tv station.