Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree Full


ARTISTS: Paul Reimer & Michael Hepher

YEAR: 2009

PRODUCED BY: Reimer & Co Blacksmiths

MEDIA: Forged and Fabricated Iron & Stainless Steel Globes

DIMENSIONS: 25′ high x 12′ diameter, 2300 lbs.

LOCATION:  Downtown Square of Cranbrook, BC, Canada.

COMMISSIONED BY: Sharron Billey Holdings Ltd.

PROJECT CONCEPT: To create a work of art that provides a visual representation of the meaning of community and every individual’s role within that community. The tree is designed to promote interaction through globes reflecting back images of the viewer. This sculpture has contributed greatly in creating a safer, more family friendly atmosphere in the area.  To read the story of the Spirit Tree’s inspiration, click here;  Blog – A Tree For Community


Spirit Tree_SquareFeatureImage

Spirit Tree Blue Sky