Aqkts ga Ktleet (Meeting Of Two Creeks)

Aqkts ga Ktleet (meeting of 2 creeks) Key City 81 high x 97 April 2017 $5500 IMG_2324 edit
Aqkts ga Ktleet

 ARTIST: Paul Reimer

YEAR: 2017

PRODUCED BY: Reimer & Co Blacksmiths

MEDIA: Forged Iron & Stone

DIMENSIONS: 81″ high x 97″ wide

LOCATION:   Key City Theatre, Cranbrook, BC, Canada

It was such an honour to be selected to create this sculpture, “Aqkts ga Ktleet” (Meeting Of Two Creeks) commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook.  Aqkts ga Ktleet is the original Ktunaxa name for the area where Cranbrook now stands.

Click here to see a video of the sculpture being made and get a glimpse into the creative process.


My journey to becoming an artist is the subject of two recently released short films:

Reimer Reason” was selected as a finalist in the Dirtbag Film Festival in Kimberley, BC (April 2019).  This was put together by two very talented local film makers – Levi Froese and Jeremy Friesen – better known as Leroy and The Bean.

Forging Ahead” tells the story of how, at the age of 15, I began my career as a blacksmith.  It was shot by Cranbrook’s local cable tv station.

Aqkts ga Ktleet (meeting of 2 creeks) Key City 81 high x 97 April 2017 $5500 IMG_2327 edit no sign squareIMG_2311 edit