Forest Family

Forest Family
Forest Family


Artist:               Paul Reimer

Dimensions:   65″  x  48″

Year:                 2015

Hand-forged Impressionist-style metal wall sculpture.

My journey to becoming an artist is the subject of two recently released short films:

Reimer Reason” was selected as a finalist in the Dirtbag Film Festival in Kimberley, BC (April 2019).  This was put together by two very talented local film makers – Levi Froese and Jeremy Friesen – better known as Leroy and The Bean.

Forging Ahead” tells the story of how, at the age of 15, I began my career as a blacksmith.  It was shot by Cranbrook’s local cable tv station.

Forest Family close up 2015 IMG_8997

Forest Family close up 2015 IMG_8998