Spheres of Confluence

Spheres of Confluence























Spheres of Confluence

13′ high  x  4′ diameter



Location:  Sutherland area of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  (Central Ave. & 112th Street)

This artwork is constructed using railroad track from the CPR Sutherland rail yard. The rail was manufactured in 1912.

The base represents the historic importance of the railroad in Sutherland, a strong foundation that future generations have built on. The large ring symbolizes our community and its contributions to the City of Saskatoon. The middle – the neighbourhoods of Sutherland and the small, inner ring – the individuals & families at the core of community. Pointing skyward to the future, is the spirit of our community. Just as the elements of this artwork are connected and depend on each other for stability, it is connections that keep our community growing strong and prosperous.