Unity Cedar

Unity Cedar

Unity Cedar

27′ high  x  9′ diameter


Location:  Coquitlam Central Skytrain Station, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

This sculpture of a Western Red Cedar is symbolic of what it means to live in community. The key building blocks of any healthy society are individuals who are willing to live outside of themselves and contribute the resources that they have available for the betterment of their community. The design is intended to engage individuals and challenge them to consider how they can become a part of the community building process. The intertwining branches symbolize cultural diversity and individuals growing and living together.

The Tree is constructed out of recycled railroad tracks. The railroad tracks represent transit as a community builder and a way to form closer connections between people and communities.

The image of the Western Red Cedar is pertinent is many ways. It is of great historical importance to the local Kwikwetlem First Nations and in fact, all coastal First Nations. Not only was the Western Red Cedar a key natural resource, it played an integral role in the spiritual beliefs and ceremonial life of coastal First Nations. The Western Red Cedar is the official tree of British Columbia and was key in its economic development. It continues to be an iconic symbol of our province all over the world.

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